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World’s First and Largest 888 NFTs Minted From Physical Collections

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About 888

The 888 is perhaps the most auspicious number in the world. It is a classic brand that has for centuries been linked to positivity across many cultures.

In the Chinese numerology, phonetically the number 8 suggests “wealth” or “fortune” and 888 is simply about great wealth and fortune to say the least.

Equally interesting, in some Christian numerology, the 888 represents the holiest of connotation.

The certain continuity and flow inherent in the number 8 has made it the universal symbol for infinity. The symbol comes to shape when the number is set horizontally.

Enchanting as it is charismatic.

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Infinity Symbol Illustration

About Meranti

Meranti is the world’s first and largest NFT collection featuring 888 minted from the real world physical collection.

Meranti is a collection of 24 NFTs minted on the Opensea Ethereum blockchain in June, 2023 from the Malaysian currency banknotes. Each of the paper notes is unique as it features three number 8 in succession or 888 in all their serial numbers. This is the first and largest of its kind.

Although the 888 is intimately associated with infinite wealth and fortune, Meranti also advocates sensibility and responsibility from those blessed with great riches to make time to give back across the boundaries of cultures, colors and beliefs.

Be a good steward.

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The Collection

The world’s FIRST and LARGEST 888 collection* features

  • Malaysia’s current legal tender (RM/MYR) with 24 notes in total,
  • Three number 8 in succession or 888 in each of the note’s serial numbers,
  • Eight pieces of banknotes in RM100, 10 and 1 denominations respectively,
  • Two generations of notes still in circulation today,
  • Public procurement for each note,
  • Both physical (paper) and digital (ERC1155) formats and
  • Mint on the Ethereum blockchain in June, 2023.


Note*: Verifiable on Etherscan

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The Collection

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Malaysian ringgit (MYr) Series 4

RM 100


Malaysian ringgit (MYr) Series 3

RM 10


Malaysian ringgit (MYr) Series 3

RM 1


What The World Say About 888...

FIFA World Cup 2022

The latest World Cup 2022 in Qatar featured a logo in the shape of the number 8 meant to represent inclusiveness of all humanity.

Swiss Car Registration

A car registration plate bearing ZH 888 was sold for USD200K in Switzerland in 2022. It was more expensive than a new Porsche 911.

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Beijing Olympic 2008

The Summer Olympics 2008 was started in August at 08:08:08 local time in Beijing. This is not exactly a coincidence.


Given the primary virtue and appeal of Meranti is the 888 and its privileged personalities like wealth, fortune, infinity, reward, success and abundance, Meranti can only make an ideal partner for co-branding.

Such cooperation will further develop, nurture and leverage the brand to its maximum potential and is much welcome.

The partnership works well in both the real world and web3 and across a wide range of market economy like property, gaming, cryptocurrency, merchandising, automobile, insurance, travels etc.

The benefits must be real for all.

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